Reasons You May Need Fingerprints

• Federal Government Security Clearance and Contract Security Program

• Fingerprinting for Employment (RCMP Accredited Certified Criminal Record Check)

• Citizenship and Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant Status)

• Waiver for Work, Education or Travel Abroad

• International Fingerprinting Requests

• Authentication and Legalization

• Criminal Record Suspension (Formerly known as Pardons)

• US Entry Waivers (United States Travel Waiver)

• Health Canada: Cannabis Act or HPTA Licensing

• Controlled Goods Program

• Privacy Act Requests

• Adoption

• Name Change

ID Requirement for Fingerprinting

Applicants should bring two pieces of valid government-issued identification and one must be a photo ID. The following are types of acceptable identification:

• Passport

• Driver’s Licence

• Birth Certificate

• Canadian Citizenship Card

• Permanent Resident Card

• Certificate of Indian Status

• Immigration documents i.e. work or study permits

• Military Family ID Card (MFID)

• Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicant

• Certificate of Live Birth

• Nexus card


• It is recommended applicants bring a letter or file number from the requesting source, if applicable.

• All identification must be current and not expired.

• All digital fingerprinting requests for Canadian Citizenship must include a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This letter must include the address for third party results and should have a CIC file number, which will be included in your transaction. Please ensure this letter is available during the fingerprinting appointment.

• Our experienced staff will be happy to assist in answering any questions.

• How long will it take to get my fingerprints taken?

• Our digital process is fast, efficient, clean and normally takes approximately 10 minutes to capture your fingerprints.

• How do I get my results?

• For federal government security clearances, results will be sent back to the requesting federal department.

• For all other applications, results can be sent directly to you or to a designated third party of your choosing. 

• How quickly will I get my results?

• If no criminal record is present, results will go out in the mail within three business days. For clients who have a criminal record, the process may take a bit longer.

• Processing times for fingerprint-based background checks are determined by the RCMP.  Typically, transactions where no criminal record is present are completed in 3 business days and then mailed out to the requested address. If a criminal record is present, the processing may take longer. Please consult the RCMP’s website for details on processing times.

• **Please note that the RCMP is currently experiencing a higher than usual volume and supply chain issues which cause a delay to regular processing times.

International Fingerprinting


or call 403-235-4700.

Do you live outside of Canada and need fingerprints for a RCMP certified criminal background check?

Anzac Security provides an international fingerprinting service for a RCMP certified criminal record check. We offer digital conversion of ink fingerprints if you are applying for:

• Canadian Citizenship

• Permanent Residency

• Foreign Employment

• Foreign Education

• An International Travel Visa

How does it work?

  1. Contact Anzac to obtain your International Fingerprint Instruction Package.
  2. Get your fingerprints taken at your nearest police station or fingerprinting agency.
  3. Ink fingerprints taken outside of Canada can be couriered to our Head office Anzac Security Services ltd for processing, at which time we will digitize them for direct, electronic submission to the RCMP.
  4. The RCMP processes all transactions within 72 hours from submission, providing no criminal record is found.  

Note:  If a conviction is found, processing time could exceed 120 days.

For a faster turnaround, results from the RCMP certified criminal background check are mailed directly to ANZAC and then couriered directly to you to save time and allow for document tracking. (*Please note that some transaction types require direct shipping to the client, in that case the courier option is not available.)

What are the steps?

Clients are required to complete and submit international fingerprinting forms (PDF), a set of ink fingerprints and photocopies of two pieces of government-issued ID.

For further information about our process and pricing, and to receive the above mentioned forms, please contact us.

Acceptable Identification

Photocopies of both sides of TWO pieces of valid identification must be submitted with international fingerprints. Identification must bear name and date of birth and be government issued. At least ONE piece of must contain a photograph.

Note: Expired documents are not acceptable. Examples of identification which can be used:

• Passport

• Citizenship Card or Document

• Immigration Document (i.e., Landing Papers)

• Birth Certificate

• Drivers Licence

• Permanent Resident card or Record of Landing for Citizenship Applicants

• International student card

• Government ID card

Additional Services (if required)

• A scanned and emailed copy of your certificate prior to mailing

• Standard Authentication by Department of Foreign Affairs/Global Affairs

• Document legalization by an embassy

Note: Almost ALL embassies require that certificates be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada before being legalized.